Hopewell Rocks // 2 Minute Travels

hopewell rocks// 2 minute travels

Welcome back to the summer travels recap! We’ve been through Ottawa, Boston, Maine, and now we’ve visiting Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, Canada. My sister was the most excited for this tsp because of the low tide/high tide of water that makes these rocks look so cool. The lowest tide can be seen around 8am and you can walk around these rocks. After that point, it will slowly make its way back to the rocks, which is when people can take a kayak and float around the rocks. The low tide and high times differ each day through the year. It’s actually pretty neat, so there are many tourists around the park. Check out their website for more information.

I’ve also created a video of the Hopewell Rocks trip and it can be viewed below. Enjoy!

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10 Things Worth Noting // part 4

bad bitch h town // fly art // mocha and moccasins

1. I’ve been obsessed with Fly Art’s Tumblr page for a long time now, and when I see a recognizable rap lyric written on a historical painting, it just makes me crack up.

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Buttery Apple Cake

buttery apple cake // mocha and moccasins

Last Thursday was the final day of my Baking and Pastry Arts program. It was the test of all tests and I managed to pass with an A! I was the longest baking test I’ve written, with 150 questions. Marzipan, baker’s percentages, and specific gravity… i’ll see you soon? I’m still uncertain on what I’m doing after this course but for now, all I know is that we need to celebrate this milestone with cake! Enter: Buttery Apple Cake!

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