Exploring South Carolina – The Aquarium and Charleston

Hey guys! We’re onto day 3 of our summer vacation recap. If you missed day 1, click here to get caught up with the trip from Ottawa to Myrtle Beach, or click here for day 2 spent exploring Savannah, Georgia.

Most of day 3 day was spent at the South Carolina Aquarium in Charletson, followed by more driving and a quick visit to the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church where there was a tragic shooting about two and a half months ago… but more on that at the end of the post!

Exploring South Carolina - The Aquarium and Charleston Exploring South Carolina - The Aquarium and Charleston Exploring South Carolina - The Aquarium and Charleston

We passed the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge many times on this trip. Mostly because my mom has a slight (slightly huge) obsession with bridges, but also because it’s a gorgeous sight to look at and drive through. When we got the the aquarium, we could see the view of the bridge and we snapped a few pictures before heading inside.

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The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies

The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies

Happy Monday! Let’s talk about cookies, because what else do you do on Monday (other than cry because August is almost over and that means summer is too)?

I’ve shared many recipes for cookies on the blog before. I even have an entire recipe page dedicated to these golden wonders. However, out of all of these recipes, I have never shared a basic recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Now, there is nothing basic about the recipe I’m sharing with you guys today – trust me. This is the recipe I use when I need to bring a treat to a party or gathering and these always impress the crowd and seem to be gone within minutes. Basically, these cookies are life changing and I hope you guys try out this recipe!

I’ve put together a fun recipe video shown below. It shows you all of the ingredients you will need and and tips or tricks involved with this recipe. If the video does not work below, click here to be redirected to my Youtube page. Don’t forget to subscribe while you’re over there!

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End of Summer Empties

End of Summer Empties // Mocha and Moccasins

I’ve always wondered who came up with the idea of the ‘empties‘ beauty posts. Who goes through their garbage and shares empty products with the world? I guess it’s the opposite of a beauty haul, but the good thing is that with empties videos you are able to provide a better review since you’ve used the product until it’s empty, or close to it. After we moved, I started minimizing my beauty product collection and I’ve selected these items to throw out, mostly because I’ve used them up to the very end, or because they’re way past their expiry date.

I’ve got lots to talk about in this post – things I loved, things I’d skip, etc., so let’s get started!

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