Friday Finds 13: DIY Scrub, Leopard Stilettos and Party Cupcakes

friday finds // mocha and moccasins

We’re brining back the ‘Friday Finds’ series in 2014! This is one of my favourite series to see on other blogs because it allows you to explore different blogs and websites. This week, we have funny vines, stunning footwear, party cupcakes for Valentine’s day, and a few more fun things along the way. Enjoy!

friday finds banner style

Emily makes leopard and plaid look sophisticated – can I have those shoes?!
Someone teach me how to make this gorgeous hairstyle!
What happens when your favorite fashion blogger joins forces with one of your favorite shoe designers? I can’t wait to see the launch in stores!

friday finds banner eats

Red velvet chocolate swirled brownie bars. That’s all.
Avocado + hummus = perfection. Why didn’t I think of this?
If you love pink and sprinkles, you’ll love these vanilla party cupcakes.
I’m obsessed with Smitten Kitchen’s homemade ducle de leche in depth tutorial. And that photo of it drizzled on a crepe… oh baby.
Ever had dairy free hot chocolate made with dates and cashews? Me neither, but I can’t wait to try Angela’s new recipe. This girl over here loves chocolate.

friday finds banner fun things

DIY cucumber sugar scrub – soothing and exfoliating! I’m trying this over the weekend.
31 vines that will make you laugh – the last one is the cutest!
If you’re a fan of Bon Iver’s music, perhaps you’ll like Big Light by Houses (my new favorite song). Peasants is really good, too.
What guy thinks females require two new bras a month? Funny, funny.
Which sandwich are you? I’m a soggy veggie wrap… yum?
The health hazards of sitting – scary stuff!

One last note: I made a Twitter for my blog! I don’t post much, but it’s an easier way to connect with you guys. Let me know if you follow me, and I’l follow you right back.

Have a great weekend!

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One Response to Friday Finds 13: DIY Scrub, Leopard Stilettos and Party Cupcakes

  1. red velvet and chocolate swirl! Sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing.


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