January Beauty Favorites

January 2014 Beauty Favorites // mocha & moccasins

January was a great beauty product month. I did some early spring cleaning and got rid of some old makeup that I haven’t used in years, so I replaced it with brand new, relevant makeup! I also threw a candle in there, because I’ve been burning it all month long; so much that it’s almost gone. I think it’s time to stock up on spring candles – any recommendations?! 

January 2014 Beauty Favorites // mocha & moccasins

All-Nighter Setting Spray from Urban Decay: For the first makeup setting spray I’ve ever purchased, this one is a hit! The claim is: no melting, cracking, fading or settling into fine lines, and a 16 hour lasting look. While I did not test the 16 hour mark, I noticed a different in my foundation and powder with and without the setting spray. When I use the spray in an X and T format, I feel like my entire face is coated and set for the day, without any harsh chemicals or fragrances. 

Age Rewind Anti-Wrinkle concealer from Maybelline: This has been my favorite concealer for a few months because it is so smooth, yet covers my dark circles very well, as well as any puffiness. For a while, my concealer began to crease, but once I switched to Instant Age Rewind, I noticed the problem was going away. So, if your concealers are creasing, give this one a try. The smoothness really helps! 

The POREfessional primer from Benefit: I first tried this when I got Benefit’s ‘How to Look The Best At Everything‘ kit and I thought it was making my face orange. After playing around with the foundation and primer, I realized the orange tone was from the foundation because it was two shades off from my skin tone. That being said, I don’t know what I was doing without a foundation primer before this one. It creates such a smooth canvas on my skin pre-foundation, helping cover up pores and any visible fine lines. It also helps my foundation last longer throughout the day without feeling heavy or cakey – it feels natural. 

Hello, Flawless powder from Benefit: This was another upgrade from the sample in Benefit’s ‘How To Look The Best at Everything‘ kit. It looks like the sample kit tactic worked on me and I bought almost everything in the kit on it’s own! I have trouble with finding a full coverage powder without looking like I have an uneven skin tone or looking cakey, but Hello, Flawless provides the right amount of coverage, with a matte finish that’s helpful on those days when I don’t want foundation. But, even with foundation, I feel like this powder is great for that finishing coat. 

January 2014 Beauty Favorites // mocha & moccasins

Naked 3 Palette from Urban Decay: I was hesitant towards purchasing this one… I mean, $62 for another Naked palette? I already have the first one, but I’m so, so happy I picked this one up because it’s now my favorite eyeshadow palette in my collection. I’m surprised at how flattering the rosey tones are with my green eyes. I love how Urban Decay released 12 brand new eyeshadows in this set. 

January 2014 Beauty Favorites // mocha & moccasins


In this palette, you have shimmery, matte and glittery shades – perfect for any daytime to nighttime, or casual to fancy looks. Plus, you receive a double ended brush – great for travelling. The pigmentation is amazing, as per usual with Urban Decay’s eyeshadows. 

January 2014 Beauty Favorites // mocha & moccasins

January 2014 Beauty Favorites // mocha & moccasins


Strange, Burnout, Liar and Mugshot are my 4 most used shades from the palette. I use these three to create a look with Burnout as the base, Liar as the crease/mid outer lid and Mugshot as a secondary crease and lower eyeliner color. I finish off with Strange in the inner eye corner and highlight under the brow. If you would like to see a tutorial with some Naked 3 looks, please let me know! 

January 2014 Beauty Favorites // mocha & moccasins

Telescopic Mascara from Loreal: If I had to pick my top 3 drugstore mascaras, this one would fall into that category. I love how well this mascara defines your lashes without clumping up. My lashes are naturally short, so the added length is always appreciated. If you use an eyelash curler before/after this mascara, your lashes will look much longer. 

Miss Matched Nail Polish by Essie: Before I started my baking program, I wore this nail polish often. I’m a fan of cream/white shades in the winter time. I’m sad to say that I won’t be able to wear nail polish for a while now, because we can’t have any on our nails when we’re in the kitchens. Nail polish, see ya in September!

Pumpkin Caramel Latte candle from Bath & Body Works: it’s almost time to let this fall candle go… but once fall comes back around (or, once B&BW get’s fall candles in, aka. July), I’m going to stock up on this scent. My brother said it smelled like Tim Hortons in my bedroom. I would describe it as a sweet caramel spice scent, heavy on the sweet side – my perfect candle category. 

Q: Did you have any favorite beauty products throughout January? I’m always on the hunt for new makeup products! 

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4 Responses to January Beauty Favorites

  1. Marianne says:

    This is a great post! I’ve been looking and debating the urban decay palettes for a while now and it really helps to see what they looks like when you show them on your fingers. Thanks :)


  2. I have been on a 7 year hunt for great concealer, so thanks for the recommendation! Lord knows my wrinkles and dark eyes could use some disguising.




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