friday finds

Friday Finds 5

[an instagram shot of my breakfast a week ago
> eggs/toast/cucs/roasted tomato – delicious!]

Good morning! If you’re like me you’re always tried in the morning, no matter how many hours of sleep you manage to get. Instead of coffee, maybe I’ll start having apples for an early morning energy boost – are apples better than coffee?

How gorgeous is this new navy Michael Kors bag? It comes in lime green and royal blue, too. I’ll have one in every color – please and thank you!

There are so many different frosting recipes out there, but have you ever tried using avocado in you frosting? I bet you wouldn’t think it was pictured above on the chocolate cupcakes either! This recipe makes them vegan and perhaps you won’t feel as guilty eating it straight off of the spoon? I’m the kind of girl that says, “there’s vegetables in this, guys!” Not that adventurous? Banana bourbon cupcakes are definitely up your alley!

On that banana note, I can’t wait to try this honey banana walnut smoothie! Some days I eat 2 or 3 bananas a day… it’s so bad my mom stopped buying them as often.

If you’re a fan of denim, you’re going to love the Canadian Tuxedo – I know I sure do!

Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away, and there is still plenty of time to create cute DIY crafts. These newspaper hearts are simple to make, yet still adorable. Not all things related to Valentine’s Day have to be pink or red!
There are certain artworks out there that really captivate you and inspire you to start painting again. Nick Knight’s artwork is the perfect example of inspiring artwork to me. Take something beautiful, florals, put a unique, slightly destructive spin on them and they still look beautiful – I love that.
I’m sure we’ve all taken advantage of Sephora’s vast collection of samples around the store – I know I sure have. Learn how to get ready FOR FREE at Sephora with these tips! It’s a funny read if you need a laugh today!
A few days ago I heard something on TV that caught my attention. Researchers say this time of the year people are most sad. I mean it makes sense – holiday bills, failed resolutions, etc. If you’re feeling like you’re catching a bit of that winter sadness, maybe you should take a tip from this article and take care of yourself. It sounds simple, but we really can’t help others be happy unless we truly are happy ourselves. Tips 2, 7 and 8 are my favorites. 
And I’ll leave you off on a sweet note today with… peanut butter s’mores! ohhh yeah. Jumbo marshmallow + chcocolate + oreos sounds pretty good, but add in a heaping drop of peanut butter and you’ve got heaven in a few bites. S’more are messy, but if they weren’t they wouldn’t be s’mores, right? Yesterday was national peanut butter day [who comes up with these things??] so you should make these to celebrate – better late than never!

Q: What’s been inspiring you this week?

13 thoughts on “Friday Finds 5

  1. This is definitely the worst time of the year for me, not necessarily because anything is wrong, but just because it's still cold but all the holiday cheer is gone. Oh well; I stay happy by eating healthy breakfasts and keeping active!


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